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Git and GitHub are not the same things. Git is an open-source, version control tool 🧰 created in 2005 by developers working on the Linux operating system πŸ–₯️; GitHub is a company πŸ›οΈ founded in 2008 that makes tools that integrate with git. You do not need GitHub to use git, but you cannot use GitHub without using Git. GitHub has many other alternatives, such as GitLab, BitBucket, and β€œhost-your-own” solutions such as gogs and gittea. All of these are referred to in git-speak as β€œremotes”, and all are completely optional. You do not need to use a remote to use git, but it will make sharing your code with others easier.


  • Basic understanding of the command line βœ”οΈ
  • Basic programming experience πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»


  • What’s Version Control
  • What’s Git
  • Downloading and Installing Git
  • Create your local repository folder
  • Create your SSH Key
  • What’s GitHub?
  • Set up your GitHub account
  • Creating a new repository
  • Deleting and renaming repositories
  • Fork a repository
  • Push changes to a repository
  • Clone a public project
  • Add collaborators to a project
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Send a pull request
  • Merge changes from a pull request
  • Watch projects and people
  • Use project wikis
  • Create and delete branches and tags
  • Create GitHub pages
  • Gist
  • Exercises


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