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  • JavaScript is the world’s 🌎 most popular programming language

  • It is the programming language of the Web and is easy to learn

  • You can use it directly in your websites 🔥 to add some cool functionality

  • You can use it to create Backend servers using NodeJS and Express

  • And there are much more interesting frameworks like ReactJS and much more….

Prerequisites 🌟

Nil…. JavaScript is so easy to learn and beginner friendly. However it is good to have a basic idea of any programming language like C++, Python etc… Also It is good to have basic idea of HTML when you are learning DOM

You can start trying out the basics of Javascript just from the console of your browser. You can also run javascript code straight from your terminal like other programming languages using NodeJS.

Topics to learn 💎

  • Print out something in the console
  • var,let,const
  • Basic math operations 🧮
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Built in functions
  • Objects
  • Arrow Functions
  • Callbacks
  • Async Await
  • Promises


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Blogs 📝

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