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Linux is a computer operating system family, and one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development. Its underlying source code can be modified, used, and redistributed by anyone, freely. Linux is widely used in servers and a basic understanding of linux ecosystem is essential in current tech world.


Basic knowledge of using computers is sufficient enough to get started in Linux. You can install your favourite distro, use virtual machines or you can use WSL/WSL2 if you are on windows.


  • Get a basic idea on history of Unix, Linux, GNU, C .. etc
  • Take a peek at the 3 major distros Ubuntu, Debian and Arch linux.
  • Learn to use the shell(bash recommended).
  • Understand linux file system
  • Learn to use vi / emacs.
  • Learn system administration.
  • Learn how Linux internals works.
  • Learn about open source and the major software and hardware licenses.
  • Learn how to program on Linux(Basic ide/tools) .
  • Learn how systems programming works.
  • Linux kernel development.
  • Hardware knowledge.
  • Learn Raspberry Pi and embedded Linux.
  • FreeBSD knowledge.


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